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How to get rid of ants: methods and ways of destruction

The appearance of ants in your house or in your work place can result in unpleasant consequences. They are able to carry pathogens of serious diseases on their bodies. That’s why the ants need to be disposed of in a timely manner. It is necessary to destroy not only insects, but also their nests, since new larvae will soon hatch. Ants can be withdrawn by many well-known means, ranging from folk to chemical ones. What are ants Ants are widely known insects, which can often be found in Australia. They feed mainly on plant foods, sometimes other insects. Depending on their type, ants can have different habits and harms. They kill plants in your garden and cause mayhem in your house. Some ants eat only plant food, while others include insects in their diet. The latter variant usually occurs during the feeding of their larvae. There are individuals who eat plant seeds, there […]

How to protect your garden from pests

At first glance, big trees look powerful, indestructible; however, they too have an Achilles heel – it is pests. They need care as any other plant. Therefore, fighting against pests in your is as important. How to determine if a tree is in danger? The weakness of a tree is reflected primarily in the external appearance. The uncharacteristic colour of leaves, peeling of its skin and cracks in its body – these are the first signs that an attack is taking place by harmful insects. In this regard, appropriate protection of the garden from pests is to be adopted. Reproduction of insects, especially under favourable conditions, occurs very rapidly. Even there is only one tree that looks damaged, in order to avoid contamination of the rest of the garden, you should initiate a strong resistance against the pests. Fruit pests live and reproduce directly on the trees, for example, some […]

Rodents in properties that have been vacant for a long time: identifying the issue

The cold season is approaching and with falling temperatures fall mice and rats, in search of warmth and shelter, find their way into empty houses, garages and other properties. They are interested in protection from the wind and the cold during the cold seasons. Particularly endangered are vacant houses, garages, production or warehouses, as the rodents can nest here undisturbed and spread easily. Sydney is a big city and there are many vacant houses waiting to be rented or bought. If you are going to do either of these, make sure the place doesn’t have any pest problems. If, however, you have found the perfect place but pests have found it before you, you should hire a pest control service in Sydney to deal with the issue. Of course, depending on the duration of the vacancy, the quality of the building fabric suffers. Cracks in the masonry or in fences, holes in seals, broken windows and easily accessible […]

What are the early signs of termites? Most common symptoms and signs of termites

If you own a home, there is a good chance that at some point you will be worried about termite damage. The most common termite infestation symptoms are fairly easy to spot, but you probably do not know where to look to spot them. How to find these early signs? The key to successfully minimizing the termite damage is to intervene as early as possible. The ideal time would be before they have set up their colonies in your home. These preventions could save you hours of effort and lots of money. The first place you need to start your search is outside your home. Termites usually make their way into your home through the wood. Termites dig tunnels through wood or ground to access our houses. Thus, the areas to check are the areas where the wood is in contact with your home. For example, firewood outside your house […]

How to Keep the Vents in Your Home Pest-Free

Most homeowners are particular about keeping their home clean and pest-free. However, some areas are out-of-sight and so out-of-mind and vents are one of them. The air-conditioning ducts in your home can easily become a breeding-ground for pests, especially in the colder months. This is because they find the environment in the ducting perfect to build nests and breed in. The experts at Knock-Down Pest Control recommend these tips to keep your vents pest-free, regardless of the temperature outdoors: Check the vents for gaps and cracks– Miniature pests can find their way into the air-conditioning and heating duct through cracks and gaps. Often, damaged or cracked vent systems can be the primary culprits, offering insects and rodents easy entry into the most comfortable and safe areas your home. Check the exteriors of the ducts and vents for signs of damage and get them fixed before the pests find them.   […]

The importance of Ventilation in Reducing the Risk of Termite Attacks

Regardless of how hygienically you maintain your home and immediate surroundings, pests have a way of finding their way into your home. Once an infestation has been treated and the pests have been eliminated, we at Knock-Down Pest Control recommend the use of preventative measures. Only an integrated pest control approach will help ensure that your property is well-protected from future pest infestations. The idea is to create an environment that is inhospitable for destructive creatures like termites and other pests. How moisture attracts pests Maintaining cleanliness, getting regular pest control done, keeping your home clutter-free are some of the ways in which you can keep pests at bay. In addition, it’s crucial to watch for moisture in your home’s foundation. However, pests such as termites are extremely destructive. These and silverfish breed rapidly in damp, warm spaces as do some species of ants, centipedes, and cockroaches. They thrive in […]

Are pesticides bad for human health?

Insects that look small and harmless can be very dangerous with the diseases they carry around. For example, even a tiny bite of a diseased insect can have fatal consequences. Imagine how strong the pesticides have to be in order to kill these insects and we can already have our answer to the question. Can the pest control sprayers be toxic? Sprayers are one of the most used pest control methods. It is very easy and practical use and they can be both odorous and odourless. These spray types do not carry too much toxicity risk. Care must be taken to ensure that there is no food, drinks, glasses or containers around when spraying, whether it is odorous or odourless. After spraying is done hands must be washed at least twice and you should not touch your face with your hands without washing them first. In addition, you should not […]

Getting rid of cockroaches with natural solutions

Cockroaches are disgusting and terrible guests that show up at our houses. It can be very difficult to get rid of them completely. These insects, besides being disgusting, carry diseases that can poison your food without you noticing it. The most disturbing problem with cockroaches is that they are hiding all over the house and only get active during the nights when we usually sleep. An easy way of completely removing cockroaches from your house is to hire a pest control service. Such professionals know what to do in order to get rid of the cockroaches fast and efficiently. However, if you want to try out few natural solutions before hiring a pest control service, we are happy to make a few suggestions. Where do cockroaches hide in the house? Before talking about the ways of getting rid of this insect, we will talk about where they usually hide during […]

How can we combat pests with natural methods?

We leave a lot of food outdoors in our house. Breadcrumbs, food remnants from the evening create feasts for insects. We should not be creating an environment which can be a shelter for insects. It is important to clean the house thoroughly including every corner of the house and close any cracks in the walls. Pest control services are the best option in terms of getting rid of any type of insect at your house. However, there are some strong natural solutions that you can try. A humid environment is also very much desired by pests. Leaking taps and wet floors will invite the insects to your house. That is why it is important to have a clean, non-humid house with no cracks. How to prevent ants from entering your house Cucumber: ants hate cucumber or its skin. If you put them to your house entrances ants won’t come in. […]

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