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Why You Need Professional Rat Control

Australia has many native species of rats. These creatures are destructive and dangerous and their population grows very fast. So rat infestations can spread more rapidly than we imagine. They pose a threat both to your property and health. We at Knock-Down Pest Control provide custom rat control solutions and recommend regular treatments as these pests can cause a number of different problems. Problems Caused By Rats Rat-Bite Fever– You need to protect yourself and your pets from rat bites. A bacteria (Streptobacillusmoniliformis) is transmitted by a rats and causes Rat – Bite Fever. It occurs due to the exposure to infected rats or a food source contaminated by infected rats. It is potentially fatal if not treated in time.   Fatal Diseases– Rat droppings are a danger too. In addition to spreading bacteria and contaminating food, they trigger allergic reactions. Breathing-in particles of dry faecal matter is hazardous. Some of […]

Steps to Keep Termites Away From Your Property

  Termites are very tiny and almost invisible creatures but can cause significant damage to wooden features of your property. They are rated as the leading pest in Australia. Their presence on your property is often noticed only after extensive damage takes place. It is critical to prevent termites from entering your property because it is extremely difficult to get rid of them once they enter. Here are a few tips from Knock-Down Pest Controlto prevent termites. Tips That Can Help   Wooden structures of your property should be 6’ above ground level. This prevents subterranean termites from entering your property. Avoid the use of wood mulch. If used, it should be far away from your home structure. Termites breed easily in old wood and it is best to remove all dead trees, wood stumps etc. from the property. Firewood too should be stored at a distance from the house. […]

Signs That You Have a Cockroach Infestation and What to Do About It

Cockroaches are omnipresent and you will find them in almost every part of the world.  They differ in size from very tiny, small, to medium, and large.We at Knock-Down Pest Controlprovide excellent cockroach control solutions, but always recommend that you call us at the first indication of an infestation. Signs to Look Out For Here are some signs that you have a cockroach infestation in your home: A cockroach crawling around at night is anobvious sign of many more cockroaches and their eggs inhidden corners and areas of the house. Cockroaches live in food storage areas, kitchen cabinets, kitchen sinks,and damp areas. They enter wardrobes too and crawl all over your clothes leaving an unbearable smell. Once inside the house, they breed very rapidly and contaminateevery indoor space. Their breeding grounds are often inaccessible. This makes DIY methods of controlling cockroaches somewhat ineffective. Dead cockroaches and their discarded skins is […]

Best Spider Control Tips

  We at Knock-Down Pest Control provide customised spider control Sydney services to commercial and residential clients. Here are some useful tips to help prevent spider infestations from spreading on your property:  Spider Control For Indoor Spaces Vacuuming is the best way to get rid of spiders, their egg sacs and webs. Vacuum all the areas where spiders tend to live such as walls, ceilings and floor corners, window sills, attic areas, storage areas and the basement. It is necessary to empty and discard the contents ofthe vacuum bag outside the house to remove the live spiders from the contents. Also regularly sweep cobwebs from the ceilings, corners & other areas De-clutter your house of various unwanted items like newspapers, unused things, discarded clothing etc. as they catch dust and provide a welcome ground for spiders. Remember to seal storage boxes with tape and stack them away from the floor […]

When Is The Best Time To Pest Control Your House?

  Pests in Sydney find its temperate climate ideal for breeding and build extensive colonies in every place possible. You might have observed that the population of various household pests suddenly increases during spring as well as summertime. The warmer climate during these seasons helps them breed faster. The Best Season for Pest Control Treatments Is there an appropriate time when pest control treatments should be done? Generally, you will see people ignoring the need for pest control treatment for spiders, cockroaches, ants, rats until summertime, when the presence of these pests become highly evident. However, ideally, spring is the time to call a pest control company like Knock-Down Pest Control to make your house pest free. Spring is when pests start building nests and colonies and, making it the perfect time to control them.  Since their nests and colonies are destroyed, it prevents them from breeding rapidly in the […]

Is It Safe To Pest Control Your House With Pest Around?

Like Most people,you too would like to find a solution to your pest infestation problem as soon as you can. You may have tried a range of ‘instant’ solutions provided by pest control products like insecticides, traps, sticking strips etc. easily available in hardware stores and supermarkets. However, it is important to make sure that you are buying pet safe pest control products. Things To Focus On You can pest control your house with pest around, but you would have to keep a few aspects in view such as: First, move your pest out of the room before starting any pest control treatment. Toxic bug sprays are harmful for pest. Wait until the insecticides evaporate completely or become dry before you let the pest into the room. Non-toxic baits or traps are good alternatives.   Rats, black and brown species pose a big pest problem in Australia. While killing them […]

How To Get Rid Of Ants

Ants from the tiniest to the largest ones are persevering creatures that can drive you crazy. No matter how squeaky-clean your premises may be, they have an ingenious way of raiding your property. Ant control products are available off-the-shelf and are in common use on residential and commercial properties.But they are not necessarily effective in eradicating ant infestations. You need to find an effective solution. Ants may look small but build huge colonies that defile your kitchen cupboards and counters. This is where they find the food they need to survive. They work tirelessly throughout all seasons and especiallyduring summertime. About Ant Species The ant species that you will usually spot in your homes are: White-footed house ants Sugar ants Coastal brown ants Meat ants Other They have anextraordinary sense of taste and products like sugar and honeyeasily attract them. However,any food is welcome for them including your pet’s food. […]

How to Find the Best Pest Control in Sydney

Sydney has a number of pest control services companies. What you need is an experienced company of repute that can handle any pest control problem. Effectiveness in eliminating pests is more important than just a low price quote. It is important to do some research and hire professionals like us at Knock-Down Pest Control. Here are a few tips to find the best pest control company: 1. Ask Relevant Questions   Pose questions about the pest problem you are experiencing. Understanding the nature of the problem is the first step in exploring ways to prevent infestation in the future. When a company satisfies all your queries, clears doubts and provides solutions, you can rest assured that your problem will be solved. 2. Are They Licensed and Experienced?   Most pest control companies have the required equipment and offer a range of services. However, what you need to check is whether […]

How to get rid of ants: methods and ways of destruction

The appearance of ants in your house or in your work place can result in unpleasant consequences. They are able to carry pathogens of serious diseases on their bodies. That’s why the ants need to be disposed of in a timely manner. It is necessary to destroy not only insects, but also their nests, since new larvae will soon hatch. Ants can be withdrawn by many well-known means, ranging from folk to chemical ones. What are ants Ants are widely known insects, which can often be found in Australia. They feed mainly on plant foods, sometimes other insects. Depending on their type, ants can have different habits and harms. They kill plants in your garden and cause mayhem in your house. Some ants eat only plant food, while others include insects in their diet. The latter variant usually occurs during the feeding of their larvae. There are individuals who eat plant seeds, there […]

How to protect your garden from pests

At first glance, big trees look powerful, indestructible; however, they too have an Achilles heel – it is pests. They need care as any other plant. Therefore, fighting against pests in your is as important. How to determine if a tree is in danger? The weakness of a tree is reflected primarily in the external appearance. The uncharacteristic colour of leaves, peeling of its skin and cracks in its body – these are the first signs that an attack is taking place by harmful insects. In this regard, appropriate protection of the garden from pests is to be adopted. Reproduction of insects, especially under favourable conditions, occurs very rapidly. Even there is only one tree that looks damaged, in order to avoid contamination of the rest of the garden, you should initiate a strong resistance against the pests. Fruit pests live and reproduce directly on the trees, for example, some […]

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