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Possum Control Sydney
Possum Control Sydney

Possum Control Services Sydney

Possums are a protected species so if they take up residence in your home, you need to be careful about how to remove them.

At Knock-Down Pest Control, we don’t recommend that you attempt to remove these pests on your own as that can lead to injuries and other such problems. The best way to deal with the situation is to hire a professional with experience in possum removal. We have a team of experts who can carefully remove the possum from your property without harming them in any way.

Signs that you have a possum in your home

Possums make their presence known and felt soon after they invade your home. If you notice any of the signs mentioned below, give us a call immediately and we’ll help you remove this pest from your home.

  • Building damage – Possums will climb the sides, walk on the roof, and move around your exterior property while they’re infesting your home. They can cause significant amount of damage to the shingles, siding, gutters, soffits, etc, during these adventures.
  • Animal calls and noises – Possums aren’t very quiet and will make calls and animal noises like hissing and shrieking while they’re in your property. If you have a nesting mother possum in your property, you’ll also hear clicking and lip smacking sounds as the mothers communicate with their young.
  • Scratching noises – Possums will make noises even when they’re just moving around. If they’re nesting, you can expect ripping and scratching noises as they’ll try to find material for their new home.
  • Unpleasant odours – You’ll start to smell the odour of urine and faeces soon after the possum has settled in. They tend to defecate often and have large droppings. If you don’t clean this up, the entire house will be affected by the smell.

If you spot these signs, give us a call immediately. We’ll come to your property and carry out a safe and quick removal.

How Can We Help

Possum removal can be tricky because they’re territorial creatures and will keep coming back to the same place even after you’ve removed them. Here are some things we do in order to remove the animal and ensure they don’t enter your property again:

Knockdown Pest Control Sydney

Knockdown Pest Control Sydney Trap

Our first step is to trap the possum and release it in a comfortable and habitable area nearby.

Knockdown Pest Control Sydney

Knockdown Pest Control Sydney Inspect

Once the possum is removed, we’ll inspect the area thorough to ensure there are no nests or possum babies in your property. If we find a nest, we’ll remove it carefully as per the government instructions.

Knockdown Pest Control Sydney

Knockdown Pest Control Sydney Prevent

The next step is to block access to all areas in your property that might make a good home for a possum. We can install nets, seal any gaps, and block all vulnerable access points completely to prevent future infestations.

Possum Control Sydney

Why Us?

  • We’re a licensed and certified company with good insurance coverage.
  • Our services are affordable.
  • We have great customer service and will respond promptly to your calls.
  • We offer the best and latest pest control services to our clients.

If you want to know more about our pest control services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Knock-Down Pest Control today! You can reach us through our contact us form or call 1300 262 463 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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