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TERM-Seal Physical Barrier

Knock-down Pest Control are experts in the TERM-Seal Product. Please contact our experienced team if you are interested in this Termite Protection Product. We have had years of experience with the Term-Seal product. Call us today on 1300 262 463

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Shield TWB is a triple layer sheet barrier used to form a continuous water proof and termite resistant barrier around the cavity perimeter and construction joints of new slab-on-ground structures. It not only protects against Termites but also provides moisture protection. Tested and approved by CSIRO for use as a termite/Damp-Coarse barrier combination for installation across cavities, or as a termite/vapour barrier combination for full under-slab installation.

Containing the active control agent Bifenthrin, this agent is modelled on Mother Nature’s own insecticide pyrethrum (extracted from the pyrethrum daisy) which kills and repels Termites.

With our unique patented technology, we have incorporated this control agent in the manufacturing process of this barrier, fully encapsulating the active agent within the cell matrix. This results in the barrier possessing all the benefits of chemical protection without any residual, environmental or dermatological impact.

Further to this the active properties cannot leech or be washed away (in the case of a flood) from the barrier. Once installed, the barrier requires no COSTLY ongoing re-treatments; one application with lifetime protection, representing a barrier that truly provides long term protection. TERM-seal Shield TWB comes with a building lifetime 50 year product warranty.

Key features of Ura-Fen Shield TWB:

  • Unique combined Termite and vapour/Damp-coarse protection
  • Active repellence permanently locked in for the life of the barrier (even through floods) for superior protection
  • Lasts the lifetime of the building (50 year product warranty)
  • Safe for you, your family and pets
  • OH&S worker friendly with no residue irritations
  • Satisfies all relevant Australian Standards & Building Codes for Termite and Moisture Protection
  • No costly ongoing retreatment’s
  • Highly cost competitive
  • 100% Australian owned, designed and manufactured
  • CodeMark Certified
  • Registered with the APVMA
  • Certified environmentally friendly under the Future Friendly Program of CertMark Aust.
  • Installed by trained, accredited installers, Ura-Fen Shield TWB provides superior lifetime Termite protection for all types of slab on ground construction and can be installed as a Top Load, Side Load or a Full under Slab installation

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Knock-down has the latest equipment to find any termite issues. This is why we are the Number 1 Pest Control Company in Sydney.

Introducing our FLIR Thermal Camera which the Knock-Down Team have deployed identifying any Termite Infestation with 100% accuracy!!

“To be the number 1 choice for safe and effective pest management services, satisfying the needs of our clients, our staff and the environment.”

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