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Ant Pest Control



Ants can be a nuisance at home or in your workplace, and many homeowners do not like their presence. Having an ant problem is a common problem in Sydney. When thinking of treating this problem, most of the time the common supermarket grade material is just not enough.

Want to get rid of ants? Just leave that to Knock-Down Pest Control Sydney service. Our expert pest control team are fully capable of controlling and getting rid of all pests, including and especially ants. With our expertise and safe, eco-friendly control practices, we can guarantee your home will be ant-free.

Contact us our friendly pest control experts today so we can come to your home and rid your home of ants today.

Knock-Down Pest Control can deal with all kinds of ants including:

Black ants

White ants

Fire ants

Bull Ants

Carpenter Ants

Yellow Bum Ants

Red Ants

Enjoy the end to all of your ant problems.

Some very interesting facts About Ants in Sydney

Ants are one of the most common pests in residential and commercial properties across Sydney. They are found in most homes, hospitals, offices, restaurants and other buildings where there is food and water.  This is mainly because they protect and care for insects that produce honeydew in outdoor and indoor plants. They will also feed on other pests and other dead insects and decompose tissue from dead animals.

The problem is that inside buildings, ants feed on sugar, honey, syrups, fats, fruit juice and meat. They travel along long trails that lead from their nests to the food sources leaving marks behind them. As pests, they can pose health risks and are known to bite humans with their pincer-like jaws. Their nests can cause subsidence in soils as well.

If ants have become a large nuisance home or office, don’t delay taking the next step. Contact our professional Knock-Down Pest Control staff today on 1300 262 463. We will ask you several questions to further understand the ant problem and its source and arrange for our fully qualified pest expert to inspect the problem and have these ants exterminated.

“To be the number 1 choice for safe and effective pest management services, satisfying the needs of our clients, our staff and the environment.”

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