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There is one thing they generally overlook after purchasing a property, that is a pre-purchase inspection for pests. Purchasing a property represents a significant investment and it’s why you never make a hasty decision when you are considering buying a home or commercial building. You make all the necessary checks and ensure that your building is safe for you to live in.

This is an extremely important aspect of any property purchase decision and it’s crucial that you hire the services of experts like the ones at Knock-Down Pest Control for the job. Pre-purchase inspections reports by our expert & qualified pest inspectors help you make better-informed decisions before purchasing any property in Sydney. The reports will be done quickly enough to help you confirm your decision before the property’s cooling-off period.

What is pre-purchase inspection?

These inspections generally involve a complete visual inspection and a comprehensive assessment of all the features on a property as well as its outdoor areas. In addition to the standard building inspection, the pest inspection services that we provide are a crucial aspect of the process. As part of this inspection our expert will assess all active/de-activated termite & pest activity within as well as around the property you’re looking to purchase. Our pest inspectors will be able to properly advise you if there is potential of any type of future activity and will comment on the existing pest condition of that property.

Safe Yourself From The Stress and Expenses

It is vital to get a pre-purchase pest inspections completed before buying any property to ensure what you’re purchasing is free from any future headaches; since major or impending pest issue can be identified during inspections; it helps keep you safe from the hassles and expense of dealing with major problems such as termite infestations.

While standard pre-purchase building inspections do take into account termite damage etc., these inspectors don’t have the training and tools to identify any potential problems as they don’t have pest control expertise. We use advanced Thermal Imaging Cameras that detect areas of moisture or any thermal inconsistencies and make a detailed diagnosis that helps our pest inspectors pinpoint the location of the termite or pest infestation. The experts will inspect and asses all the indoor and outdoor spaces of the property and provide you a detailed report of the areas in which termite or any other pest activity or potential pest activity is found.

It’s important to keep in view that most insurance companies don’t cover termite damage and you would have to bear the financial burden of getting the termite damage fixed in case any is found after you have purchased the property. A detailed and specialised pre-purchase inspection helps you make your property purchase decision with your eyes open. If you choose to purchase the property, it can help you to negotiate a lower price for it. If the problem is too severe, you can decide not to purchase the property at all.

Pre Purchase Pest Control Sydney
Pre Purchase Pest Control Sydney

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