There are very few things that can be as damaging to your home as termites. They are capable of eating through wood and various other materials in your home. Are there any effective termite pest control treatments that can actually help get rid of this problem? 

Find out the solutions in this guide.

Know About Termites

Before you take any steps to rid termites off your property, it is best to know a few important things about these pests. There are two main types of termites that attack wooden structures in your home. These are:

  • Subterranean Termites: They can thrive in both wood and soil. They prefer to live in moist conditions and can live under homes and damage wood foundations.
  • Drywood Termites: These termites can thrive even in dry conditions. They can live within dry wood such as siding, walls, and eaves.
    Drywood termites tend to be more damaging, as they can live inside dry furniture, making it difficult to treat the problem.

Termite Treatments

It is recommended to take the following steps to treat a termite problem in your home:

Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight exposure is a simple and straightforward method to treat termite problems. Leaving your wood furniture or other items out in the sun for 2 to 3 days can be a good pest control sydney strategy. Termites cannot withstand heat and can die quickly on exposure. This is an excellent method to remove termites without using chemicals.

Use Boric Acid

Prepare a solution of borax powder in water and spray it over the areas infested by termites. Boric acid is nontoxic and this method helps remove termites from different types of wooden furniture and cupboards. Multiple applications are recommended for more effective results.

Use the Cardboard Trap Method

Cardboard allows you to naturally get rid of these pests from your home. Cardboards are made of cellulose and have a distinct wooden scent that attracts termites. It is recommended to moisten the cardboard to amplify the scent. It should take a few hours for the termites to be drawn to the open cardboard box. Once there are enough termites in it, take the box outside and burn or discard it.

Use Oil Treatment

Using neem and orange oil is another natural treatment for termite pest control. Orange oil has d-limonene and can readily eliminate termites on contact. Neem oil shows its effect when termites ingest it. You can spray these oils over the infested areas or pour them. It is recommended to apply repetitive treatments to achieve the best results.

Use Parasitic Nematodes

This may seem like a more complicated method to get rid of termites, but it is simpler than you think and is quite effective. So, what are parasitic nematodes? These are tiny worms that damage termite larvae, killing them within 48 hours. The formulation is easily available in your local nursery or you may also order them online.

So, these are some of the most effective termite pest control sydney methods. If you have a major termite problem, it may be required to get a professional inspection and determine the right course of action.

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