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Silverfish Pest Control Sydney

Silverfish Pest Control Services Sydney

Silverfish Pest Control & Removal

Knock-Down Pest Control Sydney has over 20 years of experience in handling all types of pests in the Sydney environment, whether they are big or small, knock-down has it covered. As much as we are fully trained and equipped to handle cockroaches, rodents and other pests, we are also aggressive against silverfish infestation too. With our fully stocked vehicles and state of the art equipment and safe and environmental friendly control practices, our methods are sure to work 100% of the time. Many of our clients sometimes do not know they have come across a silverfish infestation as they are a unfamiliar breed compared to the common cockroach and spider problem. This is where our friendly Knock-down staff can assist you in identifying the type of problem or infestation you may have.

With this type of pest, the solution has a specific method applied. The silverfish is a tricky pest to handle. Even though it may be tricky, Knock-down pest control has a guaranteed solution to ensure that your home or office is silverfish free.

To put an end to your silverfish infestation at home or commercial office, call the experts at Knock-Down Pest Control now on 1300 262 463 today for a no obligation free quote.

To help identify this pest please see the 4 diagrams below.

Silverfish Pest Control Sydney
Silverfish Pest Control Sydney
Silverfish Pest Control Sydney
Silverfish Pest Control Sydney

Some Information About Silverfish As Pests

Silverfish are long flattened shiny silver-scaled creepy insects that measure 12mm long. They are named for their silver colour and their quick movements like fish in the sea. They are most active at night. Unlike most pests, they do not spread disease or infection and are not capable of biting or stinging. This is reassuring to all parents and owners of pets.

An interesting fact about this insect is that it is actually one of the oldest insects in the world.

The way the silverfish infest, is through cool damp and dark quiet areas and can commonly be found on roof spaces, basements, wall cavities, storage rooms and bookcases. People often find them in the sinks of bathrooms and kitchens and bathtubs where they have fallen in. If you are flicking though our website and have identified the pest as being a silverfish, rest assured Knock-down has the solution for you.

The best places to look for these silverfish pests are:

  • Bathrooms
  • Under Your Sinks
  • Laundry
  • Basement
  • Closets/Wardrobes
  • Attics
Silverfish Pest Control Sydney

Why Us?

Silverfish are just like the other pest in their relentless search for food. They feed on materials rich in starch. They devour paper, glue, book bindings, wallpaper paste, textiles, photographs, paint, hair, leather, dead insects, fungi and some foods. If you have used products to rid your home of these pests and no prevail do not stress as the home grade methods usually do not provide a long term solution.

Once we solve your silverfish infestation our knock-down pest control professional will also advice you on preventative measures to ensure you don’t get this pest infiltrating your home or office anymore. This is the Knock-down experience we guarantee.

So enough reading, contact the friendly knock-down team on 1300 262 463 today and discuss the next steps in knocking down these silverfish infestation.

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