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Best Pest Control in Sydney: Helping you to overcome the pest problem

Knock-Down Pest Control Sydney has over 20 years of experience in the business. Being one of the most established pest control companies across all of Sydney we are confident in solving any of your pest issues regardless of what type of pest it may be. We treat cockroachesfleas, ants, mice, rats and termites and have treatments for bedbugs, silverfish, spiders, wasps and plenty more. Knock-Down Pest Control has serviced over 10,000 homes in the Sydney Metro area and we are proudly growing through our efficient, prompt & reliable services. You don’t have to worry about pests anymore; our methods are safe for your family, but lethal for the pests. We have the knowledge to accurately analyse the level and type of infestation and then apply the right pest control methods to ensure that we truly do KNOCK-EM-DOWN.

How to Find the Best Pest Control in Sydney?

We understand that finding a reliable service in Sydney that is experienced, is extremely hard. We are glad you have landed on our website and would love you to experience our difference; we guarantee a successful pest control procedure. Providing service in all of Sydney means we have our pest controllers readily available regardless of your location. From Canterbury-Bankstown to Belmore & Lakemba including the North Shore, we are providing top-notch quality service all around this beautiful city.

Do you have a pest problem? Have you tried to get rid of them but they just come back stronger? Call us for advice and we can explain why the problem keeps returning; suggest different solutions that will work. What will make you trust Knock-Down are our customer reviews that are on the most trusted platforms online.

Providing services to businesses

Knock-down Pest Control Sydney not only services the residential properties but we also have built great relationships with local business owners across Sydney that needed help fighting against pest problems. Our end goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Call our friendly and experienced Pest Control Sydney Team Today!

Pest control is a service that allows us to live in a healthy and safe environment by completely destroying or keeping the pests away which threaten human health directly or indirectly, damage our food and places we live. Destruction and control of pests is a part of sanitation.

Why is sanitation important?

Sanitation is an applied science that means the creation and maintenance of hygiene and sanitary conditions. Decent sanitation is a sign of healthy living standards. It includes many concepts such as control of disease-causing organisms, sterilization, isolation, waste disposal and pest control.

Pest control particularly in Sydney is very important due to its environmental factors. Sydney is a warm and humid city almost all year around. Thus, creating the perfect environment for pests.

Especially in Western Sydney, which is one of the hottest areas, pest control should be done very frequently.

Whether it is your house or office that is invaded by pests, our services offer trained professionals who will provide you with a preliminary review of what needs to be done and get rid of the pests and rodents and take action.

Our Services

Our service hours will be arranged based on your availability so that your daily life keeps on track. One of our main features is that we use the most suitable tools and equipment for your needs that are also environmentally friendly.

We use pesticides approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health, which do not pose a threat to human health. All of our employees, especially service providers, have undergone regular training on pesticides and equipment and application techniques used in pest control.

Constantly producing business-specific solutions, conducting inspections, making regular reports, keeping a track of all requests and inquiries from you and organizing training seminars are an integral part of our service quality.

Pest Control in Sydney Can Be Expensive

Pest control prices in Sydney can be very expensive and service you get in return might not satisfy you. That is exactly where we leave our competitors behind. Our prices are very competitive and the quality we offer is unmatched.

Our experience in this field makes us able to make the statement that for every insect you see at your house, there are a hundred more you do not see. Pests like darkness and will only come in numbers during night-time.

Why Are There Pests In My House?

Pests and rodents multiply very quickly. Cockroaches lay eggs in capsules that contain up to 40 eggs inside. So every two months there are about forty times as many cockroaches. If you do not want them to take over, call the best pest control service in Sydney – Knock Down Pest Control!

There is no house they cannot enter.

They can hide in grocery bags, cling to your dog, use the cracks and climb from your water pipes or walk through with you in the simplest way while you enter your house. Because they need very little water and food to stay alive, it is not a guarantee that you will not have pests if you keep your house clean.

Pesticides sold in the grocery stores will not be useful in a professional manner. Cockroaches have adapted their surroundings for more than 200 million years. A simple spray you bought from the corner store might kill some of them but will not keep them away.
The result can be achieved when the correct chemical acting on a particular insect is used in the correct dosage, in the right places, and integrated with methods such non-chemical sanitation.
Pests will always come back.

Pesticides having a certain lifespan, the difficulty of destroying all of the eggs and the complexity of protecting the properties against new invasions should be met with more organized and frequent pest controls. Our experts know where to look and what to look for at all times to save your house from pests and rodents.

The responsible person for the inspection at your home is a professional who is trained to describe countless pests that can invade your home and knows where to look for them to find them. In the different parts of the house, the nests they build in your walls, under your floor or in your cabinets are identified, and a report will be provided to ensure that you have full knowledge.


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With 20 years experience, we have the knowledge to accurately analyse the level and type of infestation, and then apply the right methods to ensure that we truly do, knock em down with reasonable costs!

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At Knock Down Pest Control Sydney Our Mission Is:

  • To provide all our clients with the best service the industry has to offer.

  • To ensure our clients are satisfied 110% of the time with our service, by providing the safest most effective pest control solutions at competitive prices.

  • To solve your pest problems the first time every time.

  • To ensure we only use the safest most effective products the market has to offer.

  • To be on time every time.

  • To satisfy your individual pest control needs.

  • To assist you in protecting your property investments

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