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At Knock-Down Pest Control Sydney has 15 years in the business as full professionals, and we are one of the most established pest control companies in Sydney. We treat cockroaches, flees, ants, mice, rats and termites and have treatments for bedbugs, silverfish, spiders and wasps and plenty more. For every pest, we have a treatment which is safe for your family, but lethal for the pest.

We also remove possums from your property, and block any ways they can get into your roof. Naturally, our possum removal is fully compliant with proper wildlife handling.

And with 15 years experience, we have the knowledge to accurately analyse the level and type of infestation, and then apply the right methods to ensure that we truly do, knock em down.

Do you have a pest problem? Have you tried to rid them, but they just come back stronger? Call us for advice. We can explain why the problem keeps returning, and suggest different solutions.

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