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Why Is It So Challenging To Eliminate Bed Bugs?

If you start ranking classic and almost invisible globe-trotting pests, bed bugs top the list. These miniature creatures pass through any country, state, region, border without detection. They travel most comfortably in your travel bags and suitcases as well the clothes you are wearing, totally free of charge.

Most regular travellers don’t realise that they may be bringing bed bugs into their home as these creatures stealthily crawl into your luggage in hotel rooms. You would not be aware of their presence until the infestation becomes widespread in your home. It is a classic case of an intruder that becomes a menace.

Some Things To Keep In View

We at Knockdown Pest Control offer effective bed bug removal services. Our team is here to help you eliminate them from your property. Contact us immediately if you notice any sign of their presence in your home. Here are a few pointers on why it is extremely tough to eliminate these critters:

  • Extensive Infestation– Bed bugs are flat and tiny and can even live in cracks the width of a credit card. Once they settle happily in a place, they start breeding at a rapid pace and build colonies. This poses a challenge to control and eradicate them. They occupy virtually every crevice and crack like seams of mattresses, headboards, bed springs, furnishings, backs of photo-frames, etc.
  • Difficult to Spot – While you retiree to your bed, they crawl out from their dens, get closer to you and feast on your blood. Their bites can cause rashes, red welts or a burning sensation. A few fortunate people may remain unaffected by their bites. You take become aware of their presence only when you find your sleep disturbed night after night.
  • Starving Them Does Not Help – Bed bugs can live without food for extended periods. Even if you are away from home for a month or so, the starving bed bugs do not die. Incredibly, they can survive without food for up to one and a half years. Their capacity to survive without food for so long makes them one of the most resilient creatures on earth.
  • Immune To Pesticides – Very potent pesticides may be able to get rid of adult bed bugs but not the nymphs and eggs. Maturing nymphs and eggs turn into adult bed bugs adding a whole new population of these pests to your home. Many commonly available pesticides do not affect adult bed bugs, and it is difficult to kill them.
  • They Are Permanent Residents – Their hideouts are many and intractable minute creases and crevices. So when pest control professionals spray these places, they remain untouched and unaffected. This is a real challenge to oust these unwelcome guests.

We offer expert bed bug control solutions for commercial and residential properties. For more information, call Knock-Down Pest Control today! You can reach us through our Contact Us form or call 1300 262 463, and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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