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Rodents in properties that have been vacant for a long time: identifying the issue

The cold season is approaching and with falling temperatures fall mice and rats, in search of warmth and shelter, find their way into empty houses, garages and other properties. They are interested in protection from the wind and the cold during the cold seasons. Particularly endangered are vacant houses, garages, production or warehouses, as the rodents can nest here undisturbed and spread easily.

Sydney is a big city and there are many vacant houses waiting to be rented or bought. If you are going to do either of these, make sure the place doesn’t have any pest problems. If, however, you have found the perfect place but pests have found it before you, you should hire a pest control service in Sydney to deal with the issue.

Of course, depending on the duration of the vacancy, the quality of the building fabric suffers. Cracks in the masonry or in fences, holes in seals, broken windows and easily accessible pipe systems give rats and especially mice – which can squeeze themselves through the smallest holes – easy access to the interior of apartments, houses, halls, Garages or cellars.

Pests on the neighbouring property

Vacant buildings infested with mice and rats can be a major problem for neighbouring residents or traders.

In residential areas, the “uninvited subtenants” strain the nerves of other residents, whereas in commercially used areas they can even quickly and immediately cause damage to their image and economic losses.

How do I know if I have a mouse or rat infection?

The homeowner usually notices quite soon after a long absence whether mice or rats have arrived:

But even those who have no access to an empty object can identify an infestation:

  • Garages – Garages are very popular areas of incidence for mice and rats. Since the garage door often gets up longer or there are also open windows, pipes, drains, they are very easy to get into the storage rooms. These protect against wind and weather and at best even provide plenty of storage for the winter.
  • Compost piles – Compost piles attract rats because they often contain food leftovers and give off heat.
  • Dustbins – Externally stored garbage cans or garbage cans, such as compost piles, food scraps and protect against the weather. In addition, mice or rats easily bite through the material, which is often only made of thin plastic, and thus bite marks are also found at the disposal site of the waste. Birdhouses – They not only provide shelter for birds, and you may even find bird food leftovers here.

Quite often, rats, eating poisonous baits and receiving fatal poisoning in the future, can still remain alive. Implementing the destruction of rats is not always easy, the instinct of survival in them provides the following: if this pest has received intestinal poisoning, then he is looking for water. At the water the rat spends several days and all these days a lot of consumes liquids in order to rinse the stomach

Mice and rats can hide well. Especially in larger buildings, where the number of possible shelters is increasing rapidly or in buildings that have been empty for some time now

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