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How to protect your garden from pests

At first glance, big trees look powerful, indestructible; however, they too have an Achilles heel – it is pests. They need care as any other plant. Therefore, fighting against pests in your is as important.

How to determine if a tree is in danger?

The weakness of a tree is reflected primarily in the external appearance. The uncharacteristic colour of leaves, peeling of its skin and cracks in its body – these are the first signs that an attack is taking place by harmful insects. In this regard, appropriate protection of the garden from pests is to be adopted.

Reproduction of insects, especially under favourable conditions, occurs very rapidly. Even there is only one tree that looks damaged, in order to avoid contamination of the rest of the garden, you should initiate a strong resistance against the pests.

Fruit pests live and reproduce directly on the trees, for example, some species of butterflies lay eggs directly in the fruit or in their vicinity. As soon as the larvae hatch, they begin to actively eat the flesh of the fruit.

For effective control of insects, there are numerous preparations that can be used in gardens. Unfortunately, a universal remedy that would work against all kinds of insects does not exist. There is a selection of insecticides that depending on the species of the pest, can be utilized.

How to deal with insect pests in the spring?

In the spring, the treatment of trees from pests is carried out for the purpose of protection and prevention. It includes spraying trees with special solutions, for this, there are a variety of insecticides, chemicals and folk remedies.

Preventive actions

  • Whitewashing of tree trunks;
  • Treatment of the garden from pests (spraying with special solutions for fighting insects);
  • Dig up the soil around tree trunks, to destroy pests that hibernate in the soil;
  • Cleaning of fallen leaves followed by burning them.

The five most common pests of the garden

In this article, we will look at the most common insect pests, how to fight them and prevent them, because timely protection of the garden from pests will help to provide reliable protection.

  1. Beetles – weevils

These pests are known to like fruit trees. One of the methods of fighting against these is putting sticky traps up on the trees. Chemicals should also be utilized for an effective prevention.

  1. Cherry fruit fly

Pest of cherry and sweet cherry. The fly nibbles on the fruit and lays eggs there, the larvae develop in fruits, eat up the flesh. In home gardens, fine netting can prevent adult fruit flies from landing on ripening fruit. Permethrin is also very effective against these pests.

  1. Fighting caterpillars

Caterpillars are different kinds of butterflies and are distinguished by their voracity, butterflies do not bring practical harm, and they only feed on the nectar of flowers. The most dangerous caterpillars are winter moth, silkworm, apple moth, hawthorn and leaf-roll. These solutions can be sprayed on the trees to fight against caterpillars:

A mixture of chlorophos (20g diluted in 10 litres of water)

A mixture of entobacterin preparations (50g) with chlorophos (1-2g) and 10 litres of water

If you are not winning the war against the pests in your garden by yourself, it is time to contact the professionals. Don’t let your garden to take more damage and contact a Pest Control Sydney service in Sydney. Experienced pest control services will be able to eliminate all kinds of pests in a short period of time.

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