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How to Keep the Vents in Your Home Pest-Free

Most homeowners are particular about keeping their home clean and pest-free. However, some areas are out-of-sight and so out-of-mind and vents are one of them. The air-conditioning ducts in your home can easily become a breeding-ground for pests, especially in the colder months. This is because they find the environment in the ducting perfect to build nests and breed in. The experts at Knock-Down Pest Control recommend these tips to keep your vents pest-free, regardless of the temperature outdoors:

  • Check the vents for gaps and cracks– Miniature pests can find their way into the air-conditioning and heating duct through cracks and gaps. Often, damaged or cracked vent systems can be the primary culprits, offering insects and rodents easy entry into the most comfortable and safe areas your home. Check the exteriors of the ducts and vents for signs of damage and get them fixed before the pests find them.


  • Hire pest control professionals– For damage hidden in difficult-to-reach places or within interior walls of your home, its best to hire experts like us for the job. We can identify these spots and fix them, or get you in touch with a competent HVAC professional who will fix the damage and plug the cracks and to keep your ducting pest-free.


  • Regular maintenance– This is a very important aspect of keeping your air-conditioning ducts pest-free. Over time, dust, particulate matter and debris can slowly build up in the heating system. This easily covers the damage to your vents and ductwork. It provides the ideal hiding place for rodents and insects to build their nests where there is steady flow of hot air. We also recommend that you install mesh screens behind the vents as this prevents entry of pests into the ducts.

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