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Getting rid of cockroaches with natural solutions

Cockroaches are disgusting and terrible guests that show up at our houses. It can be very difficult to get rid of them completely. These insects, besides being disgusting, carry diseases that can poison your food without you noticing it. The most disturbing problem with cockroaches is that they are hiding all over the house and only get active during the nights when we usually sleep.

An easy way of completely removing cockroaches from your house is to hire a pest control service. Such professionals know what to do in order to get rid of the cockroaches fast and efficiently.

However, if you want to try out few natural solutions before hiring a pest control service, we are happy to make a few suggestions.

Where do cockroaches hide in the house?

Before talking about the ways of getting rid of this insect, we will talk about where they usually hide during the day. Knowing their potential hiding places will help you to get rid of them easier:

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, spaces with cracks beneath and behind the furniture.
  • Inside wooden furniture
  • Next to doors and windows where they can enter the house
  • They can enter from water pipes, rain pipes meaning they will be hiding in bathrooms, laundries.
  • They love to hide behind fridges, ovens, mixers, microwaves and other white goods.
  • Cardboard boxes, places where food containers are stored and near pet food packages.
  • Near garbage bins

How to get rid of them?

Homemade pesticides are great for getting rid of cockroaches and keeping them out of the house. But before you apply them, do not forget and remember carefully that keeping your house clean and tidy is the most important factor to getting rid of these insects – they won’t be coming to a clean house in the first place.

  • Closing any gaps near the dishwasher, sink, bathtub and shower will limit the in and outs for cockroaches. Also, make sure to keep those places dry when not using.
  • Bottom of the furniture must be cleaned frequently. The space between the couches and the walls must be kept clean too.
  • Do not leave food crumbs or waste in the sink; that will attract cockroaches too.

Homemade pesticides

The scent of aromatic plants keeps cockroaches away. Place laurel and mint leaves where they are often seen.

Onion and boric acid work well together against these insects. It is a very cheap yet effective method and that is why it is very popular. Chop a medium sized onion and mix with half cup flour, some water, a tablespoon of sugar and 4 spoons of boric acid. This acid can be found in natural powder selling shops. Mix everything in a container and leave it where you are sure that cockroaches are walking around. Make sure your pets are kept away from this mixture as it can be toxic.

Carbonate and sugar also work very effectively. Mix carbonate and sugar in a container and sprinkle it around your house. Because of the sugar, the cockroaches will be eating the mixture but the carbonate will end up killing them.

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