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How to get rid of ants: methods and ways of destruction

The appearance of ants in your house or in your work place can result in unpleasant consequences. They are able to carry pathogens of serious diseases on their bodies. That’s why the ants need to be disposed of in a timely manner. It is necessary to destroy not only insects, but also their nests, since new larvae will soon hatch. Ants can be withdrawn by many well-known means, ranging from folk to chemical ones.

What are ants

Ants are widely known insects, which can often be found in Australia. They feed mainly on plant foods, sometimes other insects. Depending on their type, ants can have different habits and harms. They kill plants in your garden and cause mayhem in your house. Some ants eat only plant food, while others include insects in their diet. The latter variant usually occurs during the feeding of their larvae. There are individuals who eat plant seeds, there are also mushroom lovers.

Garden ants live in ant-hills, a pile of dirt, clay, earth or other natural materials. The fight against ants in a dwelling can be effectively completed only if the nest is discovered and destroyed.

Ants reproduce in large numbers. Eggs appear, usually glued together in one lump. After two or three weeks, the larvae begin to hatch from the eggs. A complete transformation from the larva to the adult takes place within six months.

Causes of the appearance of ants

Like other living things, ants appear when there is food for them. Ants may appear in the garden because of the increased number of aphids or dead trees, for example. In the house, insects make their way in search of food, and if they find it, they remain. When the ant crawls, they leave behind them a smelling trace, along which new individuals follow them. And if there is one, soon they will be many times larger.

The signs of the appearance of insects are always obvious. In the garden, it can be small anthills and a pile of earth. Inside the house, it will be a line of ants going in one direction. In addition, the detection of even an individual can serve as a sign of the appearance of ants, since ants never live separately. If there is one, then soon you will see the rest.

The question of how to get rid of ants tortures many people. Everyone wants to know the ultimate way that will destroy ants at once. You can get rid of ants in a variety of ways. Chemical agents, sprays, creams, gels and the like can be used in fighting against ants. People’s remedies like kerosene, vinegar and etc. are just as good. Insects don’t like these unpleasant odours. In addition, it is possible to prepare simple and effective folk recipes that have been tested for years and produce excellent results.

Destruction of ants can occur with the help of chemical poisons, which are released in the form of gels and aerosols. In this way, an excellent result can be achieved, since these agents act on the nervous system of the insect, exerting paralytic action. Thus, when exposed to matter, ants die within 24 hours. The list includes such means:

Nobody knows better how to deal with ants than a special service for the destruction of insects. Professionals use super-strong drugs that can destroy all parasites in the house at a time. Pest control services Sydney offer different methods that will guarantee a successfully eliminate all ants.

There are also many folk remedies that have excellent results.

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