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What are the early signs of termites? Most common symptoms and signs of termites

If you own a home, there is a good chance that at some point you will be worried about termite damage. The most common termite infestation symptoms are fairly easy to spot, but you probably do not know where to look to spot them.

How to find these early signs?

The key to successfully minimizing the termite damage is to intervene as early as possible. The ideal time would be before they have set up their colonies in your home. These preventions could save you hours of effort and lots of money.

The first place you need to start your search is outside your home. Termites usually make their way into your home through the wood. Termites dig tunnels through wood or ground to access our houses. Thus, the areas to check are the areas where the wood is in contact with your home. For example, firewood outside your house could be infested with termites but it wouldn’t be the entrance for the termites.

Detecting the warning signs of termites requires checking areas where termites would be feeding. Checking the outside in the garden could show signs in dead leaves, tree stumps and mud hole soil. Check places near your door where there could be cracks for termites to get in.

Look for areas where you have water leaking or drainage problems. Wherever moisture accumulates is a potential habitat for termites because they need a damp environment and will naturally pick areas where it is damp and warm.

Another very clear sign of termites is mud tubes. Mud tubes are literally tubes that are made of mud because termites use them to move around. They look like small pipes made of mud. If you those in or around your house, you certainly have to worry about termites.

Termites eat wood, so the usual places inside your home to look for would be where wood is exposed. This can be your basement, garage or staircases. Make sure you inspect those places thoroughly.

You should also keep an eye on the debris for sawdust, which you should not find unless there is an infestation. And, of course, you should be on the lookout for mud tunnels around your furniture, where they visit frequently too.

Even if you do not find any obvious signs on termites, you should check the exposed wood where you might need a screwdriver. Penetrate the wood with the screwdriver and see if there is anything unusual such as trails or softened areas on the wood.

What you get with healthy wood is a thumpy sound and a fraction of an inch of penetration. On the other hand, if the screwing wells deep into the wood and makes a hollow sound, you have problems.

You can treat termite problems, often cheap and effective if you know what to look for to spot termite signs. The most common symptoms of termite infestation are easy to spot, but you need to start looking for them today.

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