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Cockroach Pest Control Sydney

Cockroach Pest Control Sydney Wide

We understand that is hard to find a reliable and expert pest control company in Sydney. Having the experience we have been able to tailor a specific cockroach solution for the Sydney market.

Knock-Down Pest Control in Sydney offers over 20 years’ experience in cockroach control & treatment and cockroach control products to help rid your home or commercial business from cockroaches. If you are currently experiencing cockroach problems or cockroach infestation at your home or office, we have the ideal cockroach treatment solution that is guaranteed to produce results…fast!!!

At knock-down pest control Sydney we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our pest control methods and cockroach control methods are safe for not only family members but also your pets. Our cockroach treatment will rid your home of cockroaches fast and without fuss or danger.

Our Sydney Pest Control experts will effectively treat and manage the following types of cockroaches including:

  • German Cockroaches
  • Brown Banded Cockroaches
  • American Cockroaches
  • Australian Cockroaches
  • Smoky Brown Cockroaches
  • And all other types of cockroaches

Types Of Cockroaches

German Cockroaches

One of the smallest and most abundant species of cockroaches, German cockroaches’ measure 10-15 mm. long. They are dark brown or orange in colour and usually inhabit warm areas and electrical appliances. Found in large numbers, they breed in cracks, crevices and kitchen door hinges. German cockroaches are notorious for the speed at which they breed and the difficulty encountered in population control.

Brown Banded Cockroach

The brown-banded cockroaches are commonly mistaken as German cockroaches. They measure 13-14 mm long and are coloured tan to light brown. They are not as common as the German species and have a very small population.

American Cockroach

They are the largest species of cockroaches and are also the most common pests in residential and commercial properties. They are shiny reddish to dark brown and measure 28-44 mm. long. They can fly and what’s more, they have a longer life span. They are the most common cockroaches in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Australian Cockroach

The Australian cockroach is reddish or dark brown, measuring 30-35 cm. long. They are distinguished by their yellow/white markings around the thorax and down the sides of their wings. They are a species that was introduced from Asia. They normally inhabit subfloor areas and gardens.

Smoky Brown Cockroach

They are dark brown – mahogany, measuring 30-35 mm. long. They have a dark and shiny thorax. They feed on stored timber and inhabit fences and subfloor areas.

Oriental Cockroach

This species of cockroach is medium-sized, measuring 20-24mm long and very dark, black and sometimes dark reddish brown. Like the American cockroach, they also have a longer life span. They are the species that commonly infest the sewers.

Features Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches can adapt in and out of human properties. They are nocturnal, hiding and breeding in crack, crevices and dark, moist areas. Cockroaches are deadly carriers of diseases, infections and pathological organisms, and are responsible for many cases of food contamination, food poisoning and property damage. They can feed on almost everything, including food, beverages, carcass of dead animals, paper, leather, etc.

Ok so you’ve had enough of this cockroach problem? Call our friendly staff at Knock-Down Pest Control Sydney to rid your home or office of cockroaches now. Our vehicles are fully equipped with all the material and necessary equipment to complete your job on the day, stress-free.

Cockroach Pest Control Sydney

the Knockdown Difference

We understand that a cockroach problem is not only a very annoying problem but also an embarrassing one. The knock-down difference is that we not only exterminate these cockroaches but we also ensure that the materials we use are powerful enough to keep them away longer than any other pest control company in Sydney. We only ensure this because we are veterans in the Pest Control Market in Sydney having been operating for over 20 years.

Please call Knock-Down Pest Control on 1300 262 463 for a no obligation and FREE cockroach pest control quote and let us put an end to your cockroach problem…we guarantee an end to your cockroaches!

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Cockroaches Control
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Cockroaches Control
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