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How can we combat pests with natural methods?

We leave a lot of food outdoors in our house. Breadcrumbs, food remnants from the evening create feasts for insects. We should not be creating an environment which can be a shelter for insects. It is important to clean the house thoroughly including every corner of the house and close any cracks in the walls.

Pest control Sydney services are the best option in terms of getting rid of any type of insect at your house. However, there are some strong natural solutions that you can try.

A humid environment is also very much desired by pests. Leaking taps and wet floors will invite the insects to your house. That is why it is important to have a clean, non-humid house with no cracks.

How to prevent ants from entering your house

  • Cucumber: ants hate cucumber or its skin. If you put them to your house entrances ants won’t come in.
  • Lime: if you draw a line with an ordinary school chalk, ants will not cross that line.
  • Lemon: ants do not like lemons. You can put lemon in places where they might be entering your house.
  • Garlic: You can put garlic on the edge of your windows.
  • Baby powder: Baby powder kills ants by clogging their airways.


Some natural solutions are better than using pesticides. Pests do not like the smell of some of the things we do. Examples of these smells are Mint – Garlic – Eucalyptus – Bay leaf.

Cockroaches consume almost any kind of food with few exceptions. What are they?

– Carbonate – Vinegar – Borax – Lemon

How to beat them

At home, you can prepare bait for the cockroaches. For this, boil the potatoes. Add egg yolk and borax. Mix and prepare small balls. Put them in the areas where they travel frequently.


Things that mosquitoes do not like

  • Mosquitoes do not like garlic. If you consume garlic as food, mosquitoes will stay away from you because they will catch the smell of garlic in your blood.
  • People going to the Amazon forests start consuming garlic a week before they leave. Pests in the forests will stay away from those people because of the garlic smell on their bodies. Snakes, mice, and most of the insects hate garlic too.

Effective tips to get rid of the bugs in flowers.

Sometimes insects come to the plants in the house and these insects block the veins of plants and prevent them from blooming. You can apply a simple solution to this. Put a sweet spoonful of Arabic soap in a sprayer and add water to it. Shake it and then spray it on the plants. This mix puts off bugs.

Getting rid of rats

If there are rats in your house that means there is a big enough hole somewhere for them to get in. So check your house first and plug in those holes.

Materials required – gypsum, flour. Mix gypsum and flour in equal amounts. Flour is something rats like and they will not realize it is mixed with gypsum. Make small balls of the mix by adding some water and place them where you see them the most. This will block their digestive system and will force them to leave your house.

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