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Wasp Pest Control Sydney and Wasps Removal Sydney

Knock-Down Pest Control provides experienced and professional wasp pest control and removal service in Sydney and Australia wide. Do not experiment with common pesticides when your health, wellbeing and safety are at risk. When it comes to effective and eco-friendly wasp pest control, you can trust the experts at Knock-Down Pest Control.

If you are experiencing problems with wasps on your property, do not hesitate to call the wasp control and removal experts at Knock-Down Pest Control. We deliver a full range of pest management services. Our specialists will ensure to clear your property of wasps and protect it from further infestations.

Sydney Pest Control

Wasp Control Treatment & Wasp Removal

Prices start from an incredibly low $99.00!

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 Protect Against Wasp Stings

wasp pest control Sydney

Being stung by a wasp is a painful experience. For some, it can be life-threatening. Wasp stings can cause some victims to suffer allergy and anaphylactic shock. Wasps are pests to avoid outdoors at all costs.  You can never be sure on your reaction to a wasp sting!

However, we can reduce the risks of getting stung by taking precautions when going outdoors. We should watch out for wasps and keep away from their nests. Wasps can attack in large numbers if they are disturbed or threatened so care must be taken. If there is a wasp nest in your property, make sure they are treated and removed by a wasp pest control expert.

Threats from European Wasps

European wasps Vespula germanica are one of the most common wasps in Sydney and the rest of Australia. They are native to Europe, temperate Asia and North Africa. The warmer climate of Australia allows these wasps to thrive in larger numbers as some nests can house more than 100,000 wasps.

A European wasp is 15mm long and has a size similar to that of a bee. They have a bright yellow body with a distinctive V marking. It also has two long black antennae and bright yellow legs.

The lack of predators and the climate in Australia allow the population of the European wasps to go unchecked. They inhabit around human habitations where they can get their food. They can be found scavenging at picnic areas, yards, food processing factoring and especially residential homes.

The sting of a European wasp is very painful and highly inflammatory, causing burning pain, swelling, and redness. They are known to sting their victims repeatedly. Their repeated stings can trigger allergic reactions and cause the life-threatening anaphylaxis. There have been recorded cases of stings that caused death in Australia.

If you notice European wasps or any other wasps swarming around your property or if you have seen a nest nearby, do not put yourself in danger by attempting to eradicate them by yourself.  Call the Knock-Down Pest Control experts for immediate management of wasp pests.

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