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Rodent Safe Pest Control and Removal

rodent pest control Rats and mice pose one of the most common pest problems in many homes and offices across the country. Their infestation causes millions of dollars  worth of property damage and an epidemic of diseases and infections. Is your home or commercial property safe from their infestation?

 Knock-Down Pest Control are experts when it comes to rodents. Our highly trained specialists are experienced in handling rats and mice infestations. We  only use the best equipment and safe eco-friendly control and removal practices to avoid causing harm to your health and property. Our methods are  guaranteed to work 100% of the time.

 If you have any concern with regards to rats and mice pest control or need a free quote, contact Knock-Down Pest Control. Do not continue to let rodents  inflict damage throughout your property. Call us now for immediate and effective pest control services.


Damages Cause by Rats and Mice

rodent pets control Sydney

Rodents are destructive pests and dangerous carriers of diseases and infections. In general, no other pest damage is equal to what rats and mice leave behind.

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Rodent Pest Control Treatment

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The bites of rats and mice are infectious as they carry bacteria and other deadly organisms in their mouth. They carry infectious diseases and organisms like Salmonellosis, leptospirosis, bacteria, rabies and plague. These diseases have been proven to be fatal unless they are treated as early as possible. The diseases rats transmit do not only spread to humans but also to pets. This means that no one is safe in your home if these pests are present.

Rats and mice also contaminate food and other properties with their faeces, urine and foul odour. Their contamination can result to food poisoning and other unhealthy conditions.  They are dirty and disgusting creatures and need to be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Rats and mice are also known to damage property. They gnaw on everything including paper, wood, plastics, some metals, power lines, insulation and wirings. They are behind many cases of fire incidents, where they chew electrical wires and bring in leave and nesting materials thus igniting fire from the wires that are stripped of their insulation. They can also compromise the structural integrity of buildings with wooden structures.  They are a top level destroyer in the pest world.

Preventing Rats and Mice Infestation

  • Inspect places where the rodents can hide and breed like the attic, basement, walls, drawers, under the pipes and sinks and other dark areas.
  • Identify how they get into your home or office. Check out possible entry point from the roof down to the ground.
  • Permanently seal all entry points.
  • Dispose food wastes and all sorts of garbage properly.
  • Practice proper sanitation and cleaning habits.

At times, the rodent problem becomes too much for the homeowner to handle. They can be found everywhere. We may not know the extent of their contamination until proper investigation is completed. The solution is to hire a rodent pest control expert who can locate the pests, determine their infestation and exterminate them using the best control and removal methods.

If you have rats and mice at home, contact Knock-Down Pest Control immediately so we can come over to your place and apply rodent control measures. We guarantee you will have no more problems with these pests and assure you that we will help to prevent their return.

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