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Call for all Pest Problem and Termite control in Sydney, Au for your Homes and Business.  Food particles at home will attract rats and mice, so call us today for Control Sydney Pest.. Call us today for Home inspection , our license technicians will thoroughly document the inspections for you.  Contact knock down pest control sydney and we are your local best pest control services. We will eradicate the pests problem in your property including rats and termite inspections service.  Call sydney pest control services specialists now for termites treatment.

Pest Inspectors & Termite Inspection – Call the Sydney Experts

Having your house inspected is simply good housekeeping, because if you can see a single cockroach, it means there’s an infestation nearby.

When we inspect your home, we use special high-tech pest equipment that use infrared imaging to see the traces of pests under the floors, in the walls, and in the ceilings. Our technology means we can check thoroughly around your home, in all the places whether the pests hide, and eradicate them entirely.

We also look outside, around your property. For example, you need an inspection to uncover any underground termite nests – wood that is left on the ground is a prime breeding area for termites, and once they have a foothold in the soil around your property, they can be very difficult to remove.

Fully Qualified and Insured

Our inspection teams are experts – they have to be! We have full insurance for our work, and our inspectors are highly trained and experienced.

We will inspect your premise, determine its structural integrity, look for signs of pest infestation, identify their location and carry out the required treatment with your approval. We will provide a detailed report of our inspection and will also include a cost estimate of the required treatment.

Do you have a pest problem? Have you tried to rid them, but they just come back stronger? Call us for advice. We can explain why the problem keeps returning, and suggest different solutions.

Call Anthony or Andrew on 1300 262 463 and describe your problem.

Pest inspections Sydney

Flir Infra Red Imaging is used by Knock Down Pest Control in Sydney

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Termite Pest Inspection or Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

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