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Bed Bug Pest Control Sydney and Bed Bug Removal Sydney

Knock-Down Pest Control has extensive experience and expertise in treating and removing bed bugs. Our bed bugs and bed bug mites’ treatment and removal specialists can rid your residential or commercial property of beg bugs using only eco-friendly treatment and pest control procedures. Our pest control solutions are safe so there is nothing to worry about. Just let us do our job and we guarantee you a bug-free bed.

Call Knock-Down Pest Control now and request for a free no obligation quote. We will take care of the bed bugs so you can enjoy worry free sleep.

Special Bed Bug Offer

Fast, Safe & Effective Bed Bug Treatment!

Our comprehensive Bed Bug eradication plan includes treatment of your room(s), mattress, beds, cupboards skirtings and bed frames curtains.  In fact, we treat anywhere bed bugs hide using a non toxic and odourless treatment.

We also provide specific advice on the best way to eradiacate bed bugs and eggs
from your clothing and linen!

Bed Bugs Initial Treatment is only $220.00


Interesting Facts about Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are small insects that suck the blood of warm blood mammals such as animals and humans. At night, they crawl out to feed on people who are sleeping on beds and suck them for their blood. They can also bite and suck those who sit on upholsteredfurniture where the bugs exist.  Bed bugs can survive a year without food so eliminating them can be quite a task.

How did bed bugs come to be prevalent in household and lodging, hotel, motel and hospital beds? One factor is attributed to exposure to different environments. Constant travellers can carry with them bed bugs without their knowledge on their clothing. Another main factor is due to low standards of hygiene and poor housekeeping habits.

The bites of bed bugs are painless, but they can be irritating to some people who are sensitive to their bites. They can even trigger allergic reactions in some. Though they are not believed to transport diseases and infections, they can cause itchy spots, skin rashes, discomfort and sleeplessness.

People who are bitten by bed bugs may not realize they were bitten at all. Those affected can experience swelling on the side of the bite in areas like the face, neck, arms and hands and the lower half of the body. Evidence of bed bug infestation includes:

  • Bloody stains on the bed sheets
  • Dark-coloured faecal matter on the beddings
  • Hatched or un-hatched eggs on the bed and furniture
  • Cast skins or outer shells
  • Foul odour

For effective pest control against bed bugs, contact the expert exterminators at Knock-Down Pest Control Sydney.

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